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Installation view (pencil, paper, gallery) various size
The14th Shiseido art egg, Shiseido Gallery / Tokyo
Photo: Watsonstudio


Landscapes to see afar whilst still being here.

"Akiko Hashimoto placed 20 drawings that she drew on a sheet of white paper using pencils on the wall of the gallery and created a scenery with a drawing that allows you to look into the far distance while being here."
"The installations produced by leveraging blank space or the lights in the gallery creatively were not completed individually, but their relationship among the works or their layout were conceived to the fine details. With the shadows or winds that are created as a viewer wanders about added, all these elements are effectively connected."

(Excerpt from the catalog of The14th Shiseido art egg )


"橋本晶子は、白い紙に鉛筆で描かれた絵画20点をギャラリーの 壁に配置し、ここにいながら遠くを見るための、 絵のある風景をつくりだした。"
" ギャラリー空間の余白や照明を巧みに使って制作されたインスタレ ーションは、それぞれの作品で完結するのではなく、作品同士の関 係性や配置が細部に至るまで考えられていた。そこに鑑賞者が回遊 をすることで生まれる影や風などが加わり、それらのすべてが効果 的に繋がり合っている。"

(第14回Shiseido art egg カタログより抜粋)